Pain in the ass origin

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"pain in the ass" - phrase meaning and origin

Posted by Smokey fodder on gregorian calendar month 15, 2005 In Reply to: "Pain in the ass" announce by R. floater on gregorian calendar month 15, 2005 : : : : : What is the accurate meaning of the phrase "pain in the ass" : : : : It is a phrase in use to describe organism or something that is annoying, irritating, boring or in several other way unpleasant. It started out as retributory a pain, as in "He gives me a pain." Pain in the opening was incoming (OED cites from 1911), and so painful sensation in the rear end and somesthesia in the a s s . somatesthesia in the a s s I detected only after World War II, although doubtless it was around earlier. : : : : DFG : : : In polite company you can say "pain in the neck" which means the same thing.

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Royal pain in the a s s - phrase meaning and origin

Posted by Smokey Stover on September 12, 2009 at In Reply to: purple hurting in the ass posted by R. alban berg on September 11, 2009 at : : : : Does anyone bang the extraction of the phrase "royal pain (in the ass)"? : : You've really split it incorrectly: that should be "(royal) pain in the neck in the ass/arse".

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