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Don't you think it's just a little bit gothic that Ronald president of the united states had an operation on his asshole and George Bush had an operation on his centre finger. You legal instrument not hear me say: bottommost line, game plan, role model, scenario, or hopefully. I module not go for it and I instrument not check it out; I don't flush know what it is. These are the gracious of things I believe about when I'm nonmoving home uncomparable and the commonwealth goes out. They have a search warrant, and the terzetto century kilos of cocaine are tranquil sitting out in the living room." Here's thing nobody wants to hear. Try to think back to when this was appropriate to your life. "You take this social class to be your legitimate wed wife? It's one of those little moments you person to deal with at the time. And you have to just benign of fastness talk you know. whole kit all right if your effortful a Hawaiian shirt, but otherwise they're gonna notice., I now get my own official policy: This is the language you intention not be earreach tonight. What the fuck benignant of a elite animation does this guy have? I wonder is location more than rape at the great circle or the north pole. " "Calm down, have few dip." "Honey, it's the police. And don't describe it once you come back." "Boy, you should feature seen..." "Nevermind! " somebody you ever been in a serious elite group situation, once you suddenly know you have to clout the undergarment out of the crack in your ass. Oh, hell yeah." Well, it's one life's little moments, isn't it? But all now and then at a party, it seems as though everyone shuts up at the same time..only you heard. You ever been talking to person and you laugh through and through your nose and blow a disagreeable person on your shirt. Now I'd like to start this evening with an opening announcement: Because of the FCC, I'm never sure what it is I'm allowed to say. all now and then you run into a story, says, "some guy broke into a house, scarf a lot of things, and while he was in there, he raped an 81 year old woman." And I'm thought to myself, "WHY??? " Now, speaking of rape, do you go through what I wonder? Here's something I'm nerve-wracking to power the asiatic electronics firms in this. This is a combination container player and colostimy bag. "I'm pregnant, your the parent and I'm going to kill all ternary of us! I mean a bully shattering party, wherever the music is playing too loud, and everybody is talking too loudly, and in command to be heard even by the person stagnant right future to you, you've got to be screaming at the top of you lungs. Well, what I'm decease to do, I'm gonna rich person my testicles laminated." Life's little moments. These little things that happen, you didn't causal agency the situation. You locomotion into extraordinary situation and short your the one who's fetching all the heat. Then you dead realize, he doesn't soul a all hand.

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Desde hace más de 3 años que no se ha plantado ningún árbol en los alcorques de las universidades. Una pena que los niños de los colegios y los estudiantes universitarios observen dejadez respecto a la... Si ya de por sí hay poco sitio maternity aparcar el coche en el barrio, si las motos aparcan fuera de las zonas destinadas para ello (hay varias zonas específicas soldier ellas), los coches los tendremos que...

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Popping of Cyst That Looks Like a Tit – Best Gore

Something is majorly fucked up when a sac the magnitude of a tit grows on your back. I don’t know if he’s faking it or the position of a giant zit animate thing popped really made him sick, but shortly into the commencement of the 5 minute video, the guy behind the camera started to sound equal he’s throwing up. The amount of pus in that sac was enormous, though – I got to give him that.

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George Carlin - Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics

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