Embarrassing bathroom pee stories

During our 2001 or 2002 Toga party(can't recall) I pissed all over my cloak as I was relieving myself into the urinal. I wasnt second hand to using urinals while wearing such as long running clothes, so I ended up pissing all over the sheets. Yay for walking roughly the organisation with a weewee besmeared toga.

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Embarrassing pee stories?_ Me and my friend were out shopping - qfak.com

Me and my friend were out purchasing and I had to go pee, not that badly, but we were in a workshop and my human was trying on different pairs of pants and it took her for a while and when we at last left the workplace I was moribund for a wee. regrettably I had those trousers that have like 25 buttons on them. I stood in front of the sports stadium crossroad my stamina and desperately trying to undo my pants but it was too tardy and i totally peed my pants.

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Embarrassing Travel Story: Pee and Poo. - Booysens Beyond

Embarrassing things could bechance anyplace and anytime, but somehow living thing taken over out of your everyday life, your routine and the familiar, we tend to get ourselves into author of these cheek-warming situations. One of these things could specifically be bathroom scenarios. We LOVE travelling tripping, especially finished Southern Africa, but regrettably the thing we love about it -untouched, feeling of isolation, the wild and so forth For instance, you might not encounter as many bathrooms during the thrust as needed.

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Peeing embarrassing stories [Archive] - GreekChat.com Forums

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