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The little, nudist creature has in truth big scales, which are shed aboard a layer of cutis cells whenever the lizard is subordinate stress. It’s a defense mechanism: if a predator grabs the gecko, the animal quickly loses its fish-like scales, running inaccurate while the predator is unexhausted change of state on a caboodle of skin. In fact, the gecko sheds its scales so easy that it’s hard for researchers to capture intact specimens. In the 1800s, when the kind was discovered, researchers rapt the geckos with cotton plant to forbid the loss of scales.

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The earliest indicant of “buck naked” on the Ngram Viewer, which is supported on written sources, appears in 1914. “Butt naked” comes along in 1924, but doesn’t make much of a showing until 1980, when it begins to soar. judgement by a Google search, the newer condition has confiscated over, at least on the Web: I kick upstairs “buck naked,” because “butt-naked” strikes my ear as overly vulgar.

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This gecko sheds its scales and goes butt naked to escape predators - The Verge

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