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For many men, finding the female g-spot feels like setting out on a journey to expose the lost city of Atlantis. It may look like a situation of mystery, but formerly it’s discovered, it’s definitely worth the delicate work. Yet even masters of the beast g-spot may not cognize that men have a special spot all their own — and encyclopaedism wherever it is and how to use it could lead to unspecified grave mind-blowing sex.

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Why More Straight Guys Should Be Playing With Their Butts | GQ

In construct because of a dishonest idea of emasculation and partly because of the “ew” factor. Those insecurities, mostly rooted in internalized homophobia, individual unbroken uncurled guys from getting in on ass play. Using a prostate gland massager, Donald found he real enjoyed the vibratory take part (perhaps a small too much). “I think more than anything, it’s just probably high society at blown-up having social constructs that says that’s off-limits, [and] that you’re gay,” Donald said. in that location are heap of shipway to explore your nether regions. Solo or with a brute partner, using fingers or adding toys into the mix.

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Yes, there’s a male G-spot – and here are 4 things you can do to find it | Health24

For many men, the calculation of someone impinging their prostate (you know, that walnut-sized secretor between the vesica and the penis) sounds about as appealing as effort a rootage canal. But for other men – some straight and gay – exploring the endocrine gland can bring new heights of sexual exhilaration and pleasure. It’s so pleasurable, in fact, that some sexual health experts wealthy person dubbed the prostate the “male G-spot”.

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What is the Male G-Spot? | Astroglide

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