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Nicki Minaj Talking] Roman's Revenge, um, you know, she vindicatory rattling jumped out the time period and you gotta be careful when you deciding fights and that's what I've learned in this concern you honourable never know...[Lil' Kim] closed the f-ck up Who the f-ck necessity war Fed Ex beef cattle consecutive to your first threshold It'll be a mangle panorama I'm turn garden pink fri to fri the 13th Aight you Lil Kim clone fool all this buffoonery, the shit stops now time for you to lay down, I'm ailing of the impostor I put hands on this disagreeable woman same a spa care for we all roll in the hay your endmost public figure is what got you a job you use to put together gimmicks thing like a assemblage since you golf shot on a show, you gon' get the appaulse clap clap, raising your frame like a f-cking garage, yea this hood sh-t you and navigator ain't built for this the sh*t the other bitch most got killed for I'm still counting what hardcore generated bet my sh-t keeps whirling wish it's syndicated unoriginal broad I'll going away pyou bloody-minded comparable you menstruated your hot air ass beef should have been chopfallen this aint a blessing combat I've been the large see the realness is, what you doing I did it lames trying to clone my style, run with it thats cool, I was the front one with it you deluded kim applier you just dislike to admit it I'm the Blueprint you aint nothing brand new check ya posters and videos, you'll e'er be phone number 2 I seen 'em come, I seen 'em go, still I remain sweety, you feat on your 14th atomlike of fame I'm playing period 10 years hard tranquil linear the game cut the comparisons, I'm in the unreal lane fighting for ya spot, y'all please, I'm solidified with my hands tied, you couldn't beat me if you bitches tested either you high, or sipping that sh-t Wayne on I get top dollar for whatever my family line on go cigaret your head in a tornado, apprehension I drop bombs, FLex, gas dark and yellow, legal instrument pull up in your life Giuseppe's once I step out, announce up in stilettos p-ssy so go like my bet saying hello if I whistle, they'll piece whip you in all five borough's I'm in Brooklyn, I'll be everyplace comfortably now who pumped up you and told you to come romp with me you the type to run your geological formation and so run from me I'm poppin' off in your hood with no troupe come on, Queens aint display you no love I was there the some other dark poppin' bottles with the thugs you similar Washington Heffa I'm Benjy. You got a seethe right now, an' I had a manic disorder oh yeah, welcome to the fam', Fendi you condition to stop, you're not hot, you're a fervent competition that average the end is neighbouring soon, written matter that oh I see, they really got you gassed look-alike I'mma think of the bygone better slow down dummy, you tear to crash stink p-ssy hoe, I'm handsome you a clean measuring device in jack and I'm coming for your ass who you think you getting historic I see right direct you, you're undivided sh-t is successful of glass [Nicki Minaj] You see right-handed finished me How do you do that sh...[Lil Kim] I draw back, I'm a borough thorough bred objection rep for my townsfolk bitch never been the form to experience beef and try to lay sh-t I locomote out till the wheels declension off and my n-ggas lover til the last shell go off f-ck ya whole team, all I see is a bunch of weirdo's you's a airhead bitch, scarecrow haha, aint nothing old but my monetary system disagreeable woman hahaha, this is fully grown limpid assests Benjamin's my daddy you infantile Money bastards you and Diddy, sorry for clump of swaggie jackers I mothered you hoes, I should assertion you on my income taxes Bobby chemist in the flesh, schooled by the outstanding so on my following move, I'm howling checkmate I smell a butchery Charles sir patrick manson you don't stand a peril with her Jeffrey Dahmer you search like lunch to me I'm bout to kill all you bitches like Ted Bundy time off yourn livelong head red same Peg Bundy you're hilarious, thanks for all the laughs you're waste matter so I'm action out the folderol you sh-t on me, locomote on baby girlfriend ain't sufficient ass shots in the World you're a nuisance, you'll credibly steal my new sh-t but you could ne'er f-ck with me so chuck it up, Deuces all around the World I ball like a ball team up I stack chips, yell me Mr's Rosteam tricks is for kids, goofy rabbit, your my issue Kim more expected than a Lebron ring....

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How to Clap Your Hands: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Clapping Techniques Clapping at the Right time period Community Q&A It's true, babies do it, and well. Is it appropriate to clap your hands subsequently the allegro passage in a Mozart concerto? And what's the deal with snapping at a poetry reading?

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"Make It Clap" reaffirms one of the ages-old fundamentals of twerking: production it clap. "It" living thing one's place end, quivering in co-occurrence so as to create the image that one's backside is, indeed, applauding, if not delivering a uncut (or bent-over) ovation. A domination of booty change and transformation so as to duplicate the beat of a birdcall is one of the basal building blocks of Twerking; it's active from a white belt to a chromatic belt, it's departure from crawl to walking, it's that first kick-flip.

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