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---------------------------- No I don t alike autumn. Fairly cheering imitations of wood flavours are available. Maltose turns to glucose, while saccharose turns to aldohexose and fructose. We ...bags We...friends We...friends in Anapa We....a cat We..the zoo.

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Family, woman, duck, lake, photo, tomato, game, sheep, uncle, pony, leaf, face, postman, toy, tooth, kerchief, mouse, umbrella, curriculum, magazine, knife, life, path, class, roof, grass, cup, city, phenomenon, room, pipe, year, child, voice, deer. This magazine, that sticker, this stamp, that sandwich, this poster, this teacup, this egg, that wall, that picture, this foot, that mountain, this lady, that window, this man, that match, this knife, this book, this family, this pie, that answer, that apartment, that teacher, that comedy. 4) science (to be) my favourite message once I was at school.

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• , : bacterium-bacteria (), criterion-criteria (), datum-data (), thesis-theses ( ). • : man-men, woman-women, child-children, foot-feet (), goose-geese (), tooth-teeth (), mouse-mice (), ox-oxen (), louse-lice (). (Exceptions): photos, pianos, dynamos, cellos, solos, sopranos. (Exceptions): roofs (), chiefs (), safes (), beliefs (), still lifes (), handkerchiefs ( ), proofs (), cliffs (), trammel (, ). • : formula-formulae-formulas (), medium-media-mediums (, ), index-indices-indexes (). • , – es; , –s: radio-radios, portfolio-portfolios, studio-studios, tomato-tomatoes, potato-potatoes. , : information, strength, advice, knowledge, progress, mathematics, physics, news, barracks, fruit, twilight, money, success.

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Напиши существительные в скобках в притяжательном падеже., английский язык

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