Girlfriend sore after sex

It gets a little tumid and it's super sensitive. Sex unhealthiness the first time and it got better, but this suffering ne'er went away. I take part the same thing, especially the burning! That seems to be wherever the well-nigh rubbing is during sex. I haven't been having sex that long, and I alone mortal sex with my swain who i've been qualitative analysis for three years. But I think I have extra skin down thither which sometimes makes it hard for my boyfriend to enter me and besides causes it to rub n get really sore and uncomfortable....

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Shes Sore after Sex - Sexual Health - MedHelp

My woman is 25, clean, and complains that after having sex...(the following days)-she is sore and cannot have sex for 2-5 days. I personally would kind of individual shorter sessions and more of them than long ones and far between. I recognise entry pain is in that respect and some jabbing somatic sensation once it enters too deeply. I on the some other hand am clean and do not have got any STD's at all.

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My girlfriend always complains of soreness after we have sex, what can I do to help? - The Student Room

See the problem is, I can go for a long time and that's why she complains of tenderness because I'm e'er departure for too long, and sometimes I get a little excited and go too hard/fast. The thing is, I can't help getting over excited once we someone sex, so what am I supposed to do? first-year of all she tells me she likes it, but then afterwards she's repining more or less irritation and stabbing endeavor once I'm incisive her.

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Sore After Sex - Sexual Health - Women Forum - eHealthForum

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