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Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t get famous for doing something completely unintelligent on the Internet. A family months posthumous I hit 100K and there were all these past pages approximately pizza that retributive take my tweets all day. instance in point: This week, one enterprising young man tweeting under the interact @VERSACEPOPTARTS (a.k.a., Thot Pocket) skyrocketed to the heights of elite group media celebrity/infamy by documenting his sexual exploits with a microwaved Hot Pocket. So I kindly of just took my personal [account] and fucked around a bit, and then all these kids were pissing me off so I vindicatory posted, like…I did much thomas more crazy shit than rightful fuck a Hot funds and a Pop Tarts box. The rabies began when he denote a Vine of himself violating a box of brown-sugar cinnamon bark Pop Tarts on Vine. But we still had about questions port unanswered—most notably, “How durable did you nuke it for? So basically you were dog-tired of people jacking your pizza pie tweets so you started pushing your of our own relationship and doing sick things you belief other family line wouldn’t do? It got same 10,000 [followers] retributory from me living thing myself, and then when I did my stunt thing, Kingsley noticed me on You thermionic tube and @LOHANTHONY tweeted me and shit, and all these other people were bountiful me mad hate.

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Here’s a Story About a Guy on Twitter Who Fucks Hot Pockets

We won’t tie-in to, tho' if you copy this URL ( and condiment it into your browser bar and hit enter, you will be greeted by a very NSFW graphic art of this kid with his dick in a Hot Pocket. Look, I’m not really fated the motivation, I’m just here to tell you that there’s a guy on Twitter, who goes by the handgrip @VERSACEPOPTARTS, who has sex with Hot Pockets. He got his retweets and posted a Vine of it, until his news was suspended for… Of course, he denote a ikon to chirp of him committing the act. Because commentary on the intertwined creation of commerce and sexuality? It started when he cragfast his gumshoe in a box of Pop-Tarts.

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"I Would Definitely Recommend It": An Exclusive Interview with the Kid Who Got Suspended from Vine for Having Sex with a Hot Pocket | First We Feast

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